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Holi Facts

1. Holi, the festival of color!

The onset of spring is celebrated as a festival of colors in diverse ways across India.  Celebration includes water and colors, water balloons, variety foods, gifts and more.

2. It is a spring festival

Holi is celebrated at the onset of spring season. The budding of flora is an anticipation of a rich harvest for the year. 

In celebration of this communities come together to dance, smear colored powder, and throw water balloons at each other.

3. There’s not just one story behind the festival

One of the core stories behind the festival is based on the legend of Hiranya Kashyap, Prahlad, and Holika from Hindu mythology. Read more about the legend of good and evil here.

However, in few regions, the focus of the celebrations shifts to blessings for good harvest, commemorating ancestors, celebrating victories and more!

4. The use of natural colors was influenced by ayurveda

Traditionally, Holi colors were derived from natural sources like leaves, fruits, roots etc. which are key ingredients of ayurveda medicinesThe colors are used either in particulate powders or liquid splashes. 

All natural, it’s a way to rejuvenate the skin with the plants’ healing and refreshing properties. Get inspired to create your own natural colors!

5. There are highlights of dance, music, and processions

Some cities have elaborate processions lasting up to two weeks!  Traditional folk songs and dances take place on the center stage. 

More popular in urban areas is to have selective Bollywood songs that resonate with the festival. Some cities even organize local rock concerts!

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